The Vercors offers an exceptional richness in terms of its relief as well as its fauna and flora.

Where the Northern and Southern Alps meet, the Vercors benefits from a subtle climatic influence. The diversity and extreme beauty of its nature make it a unique adventure area.

The Vercors, a paradise for hikers and lovers of unspoilt nature

Discover more than 4000 km of marked walking and hiking trails. From the freshness of an undergrowth to the softness of a mountain pasture, via a steep path, the mountain is within your reach. On foot, on mountain bikes, on horseback, with donkeys....the GTV trails will take you from village to village to discover the best of the Vercors.

For mountain biking, the Vercors offers you all types of terrain

With six sites labelled Fédération Française de Cyclisme or Cyclotourisme, and over 2000 km of marked trails, the Vercors is a fabulous terrain for mountain biking. From beginners to the most experienced, the different sites are suitable for all levels.

The Vercors is a great place for cycle touring

Whether you are a climber or a simple rider, the little frequented roads of the massif lend themselves perfectly to the exercise of this passion:
- The Combe Laval road
- The gorges of the Bourne
- The road to the East Balcony
- The Rousset pass
- The Gorges du Nan
- The Ecouges road

The great diversity of landscapes and relief allows the practice of innumerable activities

Climbing, Hang-gliding, Slackline, Trail, Canyoning, Hot-air ballooning, Speleology...